Faculty of Management

Dean's word

We welcome you to the Faculty of Management and welcome you in particular to the School of Management Sciences leading management education in Libya. Your decision to study Engineering Management at the undergraduate and postgraduate level gives you the unique opportunity to set your goals in life, qualify you and develop your skills that lead you to success, God willing. The Faculty of Economics and Engineering Management is one of the faculties of Bright Star University, the best Libyan university of engineering sciences. And attracts the best students because of the excellence of their academic programs and their diversity. With the aim of encouraging students to think scientifically for the future.
Dean of the College
It's inception

The College of Management is one of the colleges that was developed at Bright Star University in Al-Bariqah by the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 689 for the year 2015 regarding the amendment of the provision concerning the Bright Star University which came in response to the efforts of the people and the sons of this region. Economic and administrative management to meet the requirements of community development plans. In addition to the continuous increase in secondary school graduates and the quest for scientific renaissance and the economic prosperity of the state and in response to the desire of the officials and citizens of Brega to cover the labor market in the region with qualified human resources and support the leadership role of academic work in the field of science and knowledge. The college is preparing to receive its first group of students at the beginning of the 2016-2016 academic year

General Objective

Preparing, designing and developing the curriculum for all scientific disciplines in the Faculty of Management and implementing them in a manner consistent with the policies of Bright Star University and its future objectives and the local and international labor market.


Excellence in university education and the resettlement of modern technologies to promote the community through the graduation of qualified administrative cadres and local recognition of the prestigious status of all scientific departments at the University of Bright Star of the Ministry of Higher Education.


Graduation of competencies with high skills and knowledge in the fields of engineering administrative disciplines are qualified scientifically to compete well in the labor market, as well as actively contribute to the programs of sustainable development in various areas of management. The message includes the University Bright Star through the College of Management several programs and general plans as follows :
1. Providing high quality academic programs for students as well as training and research activities.
2. Graduation of students with high skills enables them to compete in the labor market locally and globally, and to nurture the outstanding and talented and invest their energies.
3. Attracting and developing highly qualified faculty members in the field of higher education.
4. Inculcating the spirit of acquiring knowledge in the student to serve the needs of society.
5. Contribute to the prosperity of the community by the ideas of projects and the achievement of outstanding research through various disciplines in the Faculty of Management.


In general, all the scientific departments and the various disciplines within the Faculty of Management have many objectives, which are as follows:
1. Preparing graduates in various administrative engineering disciplines to work in all fields related to the existing disciplines in the college.
2. Developing the skills of graduates of the Faculty of Management to meet the requirements of modern management and local and international quality standards.
3. College graduates should be able to compete locally and internationally by taking care of the creators and developing their competitive spirit.
4. Graduation of professional qualifications with a strong scientific and practical background in various disciplines of the faculty able to meet local and international quality standards.
5. Improve the educational and administrative process in accordance with local and international quality standards to achieve the vision and mission of Bright Star University.
6. Adopting continuous development and learning plans to raise the performance of faculty and staff at the college.
7. Encouraging scientific research, preparation of studies, writing and translation in related disciplines.
8. Providing expertise and scientific and technical advice to public and private institutions and bodies.